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Velociraptor Overshadows ‘The Dinosaur Project’ Quad Poster; Found Footage Trailer!

Opening in UK cinemas on August 10 is The Dinosaur Project, which stars Peter Brooke (Red Lights, The Dark Knight) as “Charlie Rutherford”, Natasha Loring as “Dr. Liz Draper” and Matt Kane.

In November 2010, TV programmakers Sid Bennett and Tom Pridham and producer Nick Hill walked into the London office of StudioCanal with an idea for a movie “about a father-and-son documentary team who discover dinosaurs in the African jungle.” Now here we are with an official website and a super sweet UK quad via Empire. The poster features the crew transforming into a velociraptor head. It’s wicked cool.

Set in the deepest, wildest throngs of the African jungle, The Dinosaur Project is an ambitious quest by a team of western explorers, hoping to find a water creature, whose origins are rooted in myth and fantasy amongst the indigenous people. The head of the expedition, an Indiana Jones look-a-like, has his plans for a successful trip spoiled though, after his helicopter is brought down by a flock of enormous birds (that look suspiciously dinosaurian) and to add to his troubles, he also has to look after his stowaway son, who has sneaked onto the trip. Luke, the stowaway son, is the films main narrator; with an arsenal of personal cameras at his disposal, the young techno-geek captures every minute of this Project, which soon becomes a lesson in survival. The team quickly discover all is not well in this jungle, and encounter some extraordinary creatures, most of which civilization has presumed extinct for millennia!



  • I am interested in this but at the same time Im tired kf these kind of movies. chronicle showed you can make a found footage film and not be about survival but be really good. This seems to be a crossed between Jurassic Park (one of my favorite movies of all time) and well one of the many found footage movies out.

  • Evil_Flip

    Yeah, it kinda feels like they didn’t really bother to bring us something we haven’t seen in Jurassic Park 1-3 except for the annoying shaky cam and lot’s of characters going “O My God” “Did you see that”

  • looks like another B Sci-Fi channel movie. I absolutely love dinosaurs, and love some of the crappiest dino films (Carnosaur trilogy) but I do not enjoy the worthless CGI dino movies. I would take a cheap looking puppet over a CGI cartoon anyway. It rips any sense of reality out of the film.

  • killrobot

    That is a great poster, trailer didn’t do much for me though.

  • Jasonicus

    The CGI is terrible. You need believable CGI to pull off a movie like this. It already failed.

  • REmake

    Ha, wow, this looks exactly like a SyFy original movie.

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