Velociraptor Overshadows ‘The Dinosaur Project’ Quad Poster; Found Footage Trailer!

  • Thomas Zulli

    I am interested in this but at the same time Im tired kf these kind of movies. chronicle showed you can make a found footage film and not be about survival but be really good. This seems to be a crossed between Jurassic Park (one of my favorite movies of all time) and well one of the many found footage movies out.

  • Evil_Flip

    Yeah, it kinda feels like they didn’t really bother to bring us something we haven’t seen in Jurassic Park 1-3 except for the annoying shaky cam and lot’s of characters going “O My God” “Did you see that”

  • Zach Fisher

    looks like another B Sci-Fi channel movie. I absolutely love dinosaurs, and love some of the crappiest dino films (Carnosaur trilogy) but I do not enjoy the worthless CGI dino movies. I would take a cheap looking puppet over a CGI cartoon anyway. It rips any sense of reality out of the film.

  • killrobot

    That is a great poster, trailer didn’t do much for me though.

  • Jasonicus

    The CGI is terrible. You need believable CGI to pull off a movie like this. It already failed.

  • REmake

    Ha, wow, this looks exactly like a SyFy original movie.