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Comic-Con 2012: This ‘Resident Evil 6’ Comic-Con Trailer Will Tickle Your Horror Bone

I didn’t succumb to getting Dragon’s Dogma so I could get my hands on the Resident Evil 6 demo. Do I regret it? You’re fucking right I do. But I’m glad I didn’t, so I can be all fresh and virginy for the games actual release. A new mash up trailer including some awesomeness from all 3 of the campaigns you can check out below. Resident Evil 6 comes out October 2nd on the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.


    GOT TO HAVE IT …..

    • Taboo

      I second this

  • doomas10

    After the disappointing RE5, what other monsters can Capcom create in order to be really scary or at least creepy? However my biggest disappointment is the now cliche line of the RE fan – it has too much action and not enough horror 😛

    • doomas10

      still will buy it though. Shame that Wesker died? like a bitch in RE5

      • BurnTheBlueSky

        I’m glad he died, I was getting pretty burnt out on him.

        • doomas10

          yeah…but he died like a bitch- he deserved better!

  • Marty McFly

    So excited, especially after the incredibly disappointing Operation Raccoon City. I already have this and Black Ops 2 pre-ordered!!!!

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