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[Random Cool] Bloody “True Blood” Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

An awesome commercial and an excuse to tell a million plus readers how terrible Time Warner Cable is? I’m in!

Using “True Blood” as the focal point, HBO teamed with Time Warner Cable to present the above commercial that’s raining blood. It’s a brilliant and eye-catching spot for a less-than superior product that caused me years of aggravation. Not only did I have issues with shows clip at the beginning and the end (constantly) of each recording, the shows are tagged incorrectly so when all you want is a new episode of “The Simpsons,” you’ll get every single episode that airs (which is like, 100). Not to mention their hideous interface, impossible remote and nasty VOD layout… Time Warner is the worst.

But if you thought that was bloody, that was just the tip of the tongue. Time Warner, at least for me, was a horrendous cable service that was consistently out. Their outages were weekly, and I had tremendous difficulty playing Xbox Live and watching movies on Netflix. After hundreds of phone calls and house visits, their final say in the matter? It was my Vonage (which wasn’t plugged in or operational). I switched to AT&T (who easily has the worst customer service on the planet) and haven’t had a single outage in years.

Enjoy the commercial, but find another provider (I recommend DirecTV). Use this as an opportunity to tell other readers what cable or satellite service has been best for you!



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