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TV: [Next On] Preview Of “True Blood” Episode #56 ‘Somebody I Used To Know’

HBO has released the recap of last night’s episode of “True Blood” along with a look ahead at next week’s episode #56 “Somebody I Used To Know.” Sticking to my guns and bailing on the series, I haven’t watched an episode this season. Watching these recaps reassures me I made the right decision — it looks as even more humans have become creatures of the night. I expect Bon Temp to be completely void of humans by the series finale. Lame.

In episode #56, “At Authority headquarters, the Chancellors revel in the afterglow of recent events; Eric gets a message from Godric; Bill is shaken by a distant memory. Helped by Claude and his sisters, Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths, with shocking results. An emotional Luna tries to walk in Sam’s shoes. Hoyt’s new pals bring him a present; Lafayette leads a séance to purge a curse; J.D. ups the stakes of his fight with Alcide.

Tune in to the new season every Sunday night at 9PM, only on HBO.



  • Nothing333

    Make a post about True Blood without interjecting personal opinion on it. I dare you

  • Nothing333

    Or at least watch it and base your opinion on that. That would be cool.

    • Big_J

      Exactly!! He’s always bashing this Great Show!! I understand last season Kinda sucked but this season is highly entertaining!!

  • Big_J

    MrDisgusting Being that I am a Huge fan of Horror, Your Site, And True Blood I must say, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SEASON!!! We share the same opinions on past season but being a Fan I didnt give up!! Thats something you do as a Fan you dont give up on what you love. I dont quit coming to this site when you give horrible reviews on decent films and Great reviews for horrible films (The Woman)!! All im saying is dont give up on True Blood. This season is the Best of them all and thats saying alot!! I Mean Russell Eddington is Back!! He has to be one of the most interesting, creative, and Fun Vampire Villans in a LONG time!! Sorry im letting the fanboy get ahold of me. All im saying is catch up on this season it truly is entertaining this year!! If your dissapointed with it you can ban me from your site 🙂

  • Raze55

    The whole storyline wit the vampire religion is really cool. That being said I hate Tara’s storyline as well as the whole smoke monster, but overall it is way better than last season.

  • dixonpj

    It’s your website and you can do what you want, but I think that it’s pretty cheesy to bash a show that you are admittedly not watching. I have no allegiance to True Blood. I watch it. I enjoy it and that’s about it. I just think that you lose credibility by injecting negativity into something you aren’t watching. Just saying.

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