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Preview And Thoughts From Alan Moore: ‘Fashion Beast’ #1

Avatar Press shared a statement issued from Alan Moore below regarding “Fashion Beast”, a new miniseries that was originally written as a screenplay by Moore back in his 80s heyday. The screenplay has been adapted by Malcolm McLaren and Antony Johnston. “Fashion Beast” #1 hits in September and you can see Moore’s statement below along with the first preview.

Alan Moore says about the series, “Since Malcolm McLaren first suggested that I write a screenplay based on his notion of marrying the strange and isolated life of Christian Dior with the fable Beauty and the Beast, I’ve often wondered what such an unlikely concept would have looked like had it been properly realised. Now, albeit in a different medium, I finally get to find out thanks to Antony Johnston’s excellent adaptive skills and the appropriately stylish artwork of Facundo Percio. It’s an odd tale, in its subject matter and in the mode of its telling, and I like to think that Malcolm would be very pleased to see another of his startling and incendiary ideas brought so intriguingly into existence.”



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