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[Random Cool] A More Complex Egg In Previously Unseen ‘Alien: Resurrection’ Effects Video!

Even though Evan Dickson completely annihilated the film in this piece, I personally enjoy Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 1997 Alien: Resurrection, which injects the franchise with all sorts of insanity like alien-f*cking. It’s by no means a good movie, but it’s wholly enjoyable.

StudioADI, who worked on all of the film’s on set effects, shared a previously unseen video displaying a newly designed, complex Alien egg.

They explain: “For ALIEN RESURRECTION, Jean-Pierre Jeunet asked for a more active Alien egg. Using silicone, cable mechs, bladders and yanky-pully stuff, here’s what we did…

And here it is!



  • doomas10

    alien 4 is my personal favourite. sure it had its problems but the underwater chase scene was amazing. I loved the atmosphere and all the cast- Alien 4 felt different than the others of the franchise so i guess most people were put off by the dark humour. I thought it was a fitting tribute for a beloved film series.

    • GunsOfNavarone


      Out of all 4 Alien films number 4 is your favourite?! Either you are trolling or your taste in movies is dire.

      • doomas10

        i gave reasons why it is my favourite. And i said FAVOURITE not best, i think there is a difference

  • and my FAVORITE is Prometheus. As doomas stated, it’s not the bes but, damn is that whole movie just full of beauty and wonder.

    As a progression of the series i never understood all the hate of Alien 4. Besides the ridiculously looking giant baby i think it was told very well. I think of this more as an extension of the Firefly universe than the Alien one and that helps me forgive a lot of the movies faults because it does so much right.

  • TheWalkingFlat

    Aliens from 1986 the extended Edition – The Perfect Movie.

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