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Apparently Hot Topic Still Hosts Terrible Concerts

I’ll admit it, I used to be a Hot Topic kid. For a summer. Then I grew up. I never looked back. Something that I knew about at Hot Topic stores but never personally witnessed were live concerts. Often times it was touring bands who would stop in and do a quick acoustic set followed by an autograph session where you had to buy a CD, not bring one in, to get it signed. But sometimes it was something different, something a bit more surreal, a bit more…local.

Such was the case with ORCumentary, a one-man project that performs “Orc Rock”. Below is footage of his song “Blood”, which is performed at one of these Hot Topic in-store concerts. I wasn’t able to make it past the first verse without laughing hysterically and shutting off the video.

And THAT’S why I wanted to share this with you readers. It’s bright and early on a Monday morning and I figure that everyone could use a good, solid laugh to start off their week. So, if you decide to watch the video below, I want you to think about the worst concert experience you’ve ever had and share it with me in the comments!

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  • zaglewiz

    I can’t even laugh at this. Its like making fun of someone that has a mental disability in public and your mother slapping the hell out of you for one of those “should have known better” type deals.

  • Radicalex

    Oof. I commend this dude for doing something creative, but good christ that hurt my brain. It made me want to listen to Ross on that “Friends” episode where he made his keyboard soundscapes, which I thought ruled.

    I’ve had a few bad concert experiences. My favorite one is when I was about 12, I was away at summer camp and the camp told us not only could we go see a concert, but we’d vote on who we went to see. Most of the girls voted for Debbie Gibson, and me and the rest of the guys voted for Metallica. Metallica ended up winning, so amazingly enough, the camp decided to bus us out to see … Debbie Gibson. I guess they ultimately decided they didn’t want to be responsible for letting a bunch of 12 year olds loose at a Metallica show. I don’t remember the Debbie Gibson show that well … mainly just roamed the halls out of boredom, looking for non-existent Metallica merch.

  • MrDisgusting

    This is pretty much amazing.

  • Jonathan Barkan

    Does the opening bass line remind anyone else of Doom? Not the notes themselves but the tone. It makes me want to shoot the hell out of some skinned-gorilla demons.

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Surprisingly humble haircut. Didn’t expect that much science from a song called “Blood”. A+!

  • JonOfTheShred

    Clearly you guys don’t understand the brilliance of Orc Rock. ORCumentary is the bees knees AND the cats pajamas – simultaneously.

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