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Apparently Hot Topic Still Hosts Terrible Concerts

I’ll admit it, I used to be a Hot Topic kid. For a summer. Then I grew up. I never looked back. Something that I knew about at Hot Topic stores but never personally witnessed were live concerts. Often times it was touring bands who would stop in and do a quick acoustic set followed by an autograph session where you had to buy a CD, not bring one in, to get it signed. But sometimes it was something different, something a bit more surreal, a bit more…local.

Such was the case with ORCumentary, a one-man project that performs “Orc Rock”. Below is footage of his song “Blood”, which is performed at one of these Hot Topic in-store concerts. I wasn’t able to make it past the first verse without laughing hysterically and shutting off the video.

And THAT’S why I wanted to share this with you readers. It’s bright and early on a Monday morning and I figure that everyone could use a good, solid laugh to start off their week. So, if you decide to watch the video below, I want you to think about the worst concert experience you’ve ever had and share it with me in the comments!

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