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Indie Spotlight: ‘White Devil’ #1



“White Devil” is a very unique independent book about an everyday average stay-at-home-mom who is bored to death with her life. Creators Matt Evans and Andrew Helinski, with aid of Nate Burns on art duties, deliver the first part of a 4-part series that does not lack extreme gore or sex. There are some unique characteristics in this book that make it stand out from the average indie comic book, some good, others not so much.

WRITTEN BY: Matt Evans and Andrew Helinski
ART BY: Nate Burns

Judy, an “average” American housewife is sick and tired of the daily grind with her kids and husband, so she decides to join a book club. Or, at least this is what she tells her husband. The truth is Judy joins a bizarre cult devoted to practicing dark magic. From here comes along a creepy old man performing black magic, and a wild orgy that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, if you catch my drift.

The issue slowly progresses into a weird mix between modern horror comic and a Tijuana bible (see here). The pace is fairly slow, which I find to be a problem with a lot of indie books as they take time to introduce the protagonist and the setting. But, it’s in the final pages of this book where the story gets real crazy.

Cults and house wife? Where is the uniqueness I was talking about? Well is mostly comes in with the art. There’s not a straight line in the book, which actually compliments the path of the story as you get the sense that something is always a little bit off kilter. Even the panel outlines are not drawn with clear cut lines. Sometimes this can make a comic hard to get through but, I think it works well with “White Devil”. The art is definitely rough and could benefit from some touch ups and proper inking, but it’s got character.The biggest issue with the book is the hand-lettered narrative, which is damn hard to read. I found myself having to zoom in really far to make out the lettering.

“White Devil” may not be perfect but it’s full of potential. The art is creepy, the story is fun and loaded with adult content, which makes the book an experience rather than just the casual read. The first issue is free, and I think any fan of cult horror should give it a try.

You can check it our for free here, and you can check out their blog.

3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd


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