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New Poster For Foreclosure Horror “Crawlspace’

Sorority Row and Piranha 3D writer Josh Stolberg wrapped up Crawlspace (formerly Hideaway) earlier this year. The new indie thriller is aimed at VOD producer Vuguru, and now we have a one-sheet making ominous use of a ladder.

A small description reveals that the pic is “about a killer terrorizing a family living in his foreclosed house,” so kind of like a male Mother’s Day, I suppose. Father’s Day?

Steve Weber (The Shining, Desperation) stars alongside Jonathan Silverman, Lori Loughlin, Nicole Moore and Sterling Beaumon all star.

Head inside for the poster!



  • K-Dogg

    Love Nicole Moore….oh wait, not that one.

  • Radicalex

    Troma already has dibs on “Father’s Day”!

    And this poster was hilarious. “Stop screaming! Stop screaming or I swear I’m pulling this ladder up and you’ll have to stay down there and miss Ren & Stimpy reruns on Nick! I’ll do it! I’ll pull up the ladder if you don’t stop screaming! All right! I’m pulling it!”

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