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[TIFF ’12] ‘Midnight Meat Train’ Director Returns, Images From ‘No One Lives’

One of the Midnight Madness selections that had been flying low on my radar was, No One Lives, the new film from director Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Midnight Meat Train) starring Luke Evans. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but the imagery is slightly intriguing.

From the director of Versus and The Midnight Meat Train, No One Lives is a smart and original horror movie with, at its heart, a killer in the grip of a dark and twisted love affair. A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. When the captive girl is killed, the tables are unexpectedly turned. The gang finds itself outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives. Featuring Luke Evans, Adelaide Clemens, Derek Magyar, Lee Tergesen and America Olivo.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6th-16th. Head inside for the pics!



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