Kate Beckinsale Says It's "Unlikely" She'll Come Back For Another 'Underworld' - Bloody Disgusting!

Kate Beckinsale Says It’s “Unlikely” She’ll Come Back For Another ‘Underworld’


Remember at the end of Underworld Awakening when Scott Speedman’s stunt double got unfrozen from cryostasis and kind of just took off? And it was sort of implied that Underworld 5 would focus on Selene and her new daughter (werewolf/vampire hybrid Eve) trying to reunite with him, maybe reinstating his memory (or something) and starting a family?

The fact that I’ve thought this much about an Underworld film fills me with some degree of shame – but it looks like those plans are not to be. Beckinsale told Collider, “I think it’s probably unlikely that I’ll do one, but they may do one without me.” Granted, she admits it was unlikely she’d even come back for the fourth, but it sounds like she’s really done now.

I thought Awakening was actually kind of fun. It was the bright spot in the series (I hated the first two and thought part 3 was a bit better), and a financial success. It still appears that there will be another one – where would you like it to go? Perhaps they can reincarnate Rhona Mitra’s character?

  • FreddyKrueger13

    Its not a question if she’ll do it, it how much $ will it take to get her to do it.

  • Nothing333

    Very funny article. I totally snorted at the shame part.

  • Jasonicus

    Good. That last one was horrendous. The Speedman stunt double looked nothing like him. It was hilarious. And the CGI was Twilight bad.

  • djblack1313

    i love Beckinsale but she/this pisses me off! WTF?! you don’t just end a movie on a big cliffhanger only to fuck with fans who want a proper ending. i agree w/ FreddyKrueger13, she’ll do it if you pay her enough. she also very overtly said she was doing a 4th movie and she did.

  • djblack1313

    oops, i meant, “she also very overtly said she WASN’T doing a 4th movie…”.

  • Lauren Taylor

    As I state on this upcoming month’s podcast, part 4 was awful…but then again, I don’t really remember much of the first 3 either – so I have that going for me, which is nice…

  • flesheater24

    She’ll do it…

  • Vampire_Mistress

    I personally loved the first three, the prequel was my fav out of the series, the 4th one was alright but with an ending like that, you assumed she would be back. if she decides not to come back, then kill her off in the beginning of the next film, do not get a new actor for her!! just focus on the daughter and michael…..

  • saft-und-kraft

    thank god! maybe now she will stick to it! remember how she said she wouldn’t do a third one? and then the third one came and it was totally bad ass because Rhone Mitra is better at everything in that film? then everyone was all like, oh it’s the best in the series, it’s the first one that i didn’t fall asleep at! well then Beckinsale was probably told that and said, well maybe i should do one more, hmmmmm……..Mitra rules, Beckinsale drools and out of the 4 movies the 4 th is the worst in every aspect and the 3rd is the only one I liked and did not fall asleep at in the theater when I went to see it unlike the other 3.

  • Trinity

    OH FUCK !! That piss me off so bad.Why did she came back for part 4 if she dont want to paly in Part 5?
    Its for sure they need to continue the story an it is not fair also for Kates Fans.What is Underworld without Kate?An i’m sure she get enough cash for her part so what the fuck is wrong with her?I really like Kate but she is not in my cool book anymore =|

  • lycanhater24

    I wish that she would do the next underworld because she is great at being selene

  • Joe_HTH

    “I thought Awakening was actually kind of fun. It was the bright spot in the series (I hated the first two and thought part 3 was a bit better)”

    This only proves how much your taste is in question. The first two Underworld films are by far the best. The third one was crap and the smallest grossing. The last one was lame. Underworld Awakening doesn’t come within a million miles of being the bright spot in the series, unless you’re braind dead. The first film was by far the bright spot.

    • Louise Saito

      I’ll agree with this. Underworld 1 & 2 are the best among the rest of Underworld series. Len Wiseman must put Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman into action again.. Fans will love to see them again after 8 (or 9?) years. But lets just see how will they work on w/ the characters if Selene, Michael & Eve, until now I still have no idea of who ( or what) will be their next enemy on the next film! :p