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‘The War Z’, Zombie MMO Is Coming This Fall

The War Z snuck up on us just like the shambling corpse of one of your dearest friends who owes you money, and that you have no reservations about putting a bullet betwixt his or her eyes. The War Z is an open world zombie MMO through and through. It’s almost as if Dead Island and The Secret World got it on and got really freaky and out came this glorious zombie baby. The game was only announced 2 short weeks ago and the closed beta instantly filled up. The nice thing about such a late announcement is that I don’t have to sit around for an entire year pining over the game. Head past the break for some awesome screenshots and more info.

Though the game is looking at a fall release (PC only, sorry my little infected) there is a good chance once it goes into beta testing the game will be pushed back for bug fixes. But still, a zombie MMO!? FINALLY! If you are very interested in the game you can follow them on Facebook HERE, they give away beta codes on a regular basis. Also you can check out their website HERE, also pre ordering the game will get you early beta access.

The War Z starts you out 5 years after the outbreak started and 95% of the population is gone. Like in most zombie game you must scavenge to survive, and those still not infected may still post just as big of a threat as the zombies do.

“The response in the first week since we announced the game has been incredible and it’s totally inspired the team,” said Eric Nordin, senior game designer for The War Z. “We’ve been following all of the comments on the various forums as well as our Facebook page and it really validates that we’re creating something that gamers want to play. We’re going to continue working hard and make sure we deliver the best game possible!”




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