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Rob Liefeld’s Ego Just Got Bigger

Rob Liefeld is one of the most infamous comic artist of all time, and we all know it’s not because of his incredible talent. Liefeld took to twitter to share his feelings about the new creative team that will be rebooting Deadpool, consisting of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Tony Moore. Liefeld created Deadpool back in the 90s, and perhaps justly, he feels a certain attachement to the anti-hero. But this time, he’s gone a bit far, by calling the new team, “D-list talent”. With the announcement that he will be leaving DC soon, maybe we should let him toot his own horn a bit longer and perhaps we’ll be rid of him.

Rob Liefeld started it all on Twitter:
“Testament to Deadpool’s appeal and durability is that he thrives regardless of being regulated to D-list talent. Marvel A-list never touches.”

Dave Johnson replied:
“Yes!!! I’ve been elevated to the “D list” of talent. Thanks Rob. Now if I can only learn how to ink while driving a car.”

Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor-In-Chied, tweeted:
“Welcome to the D-list, @GerryDuggan @thebrianposehn @tonymoore! Howdy Doody just put your name on the list.”

Rick Remender replied:
“Lot of talented people you just called out as D-list. Might be a better way to congratulate yourself?”

Rob’s response was not apologetic, but even more self-involved:
“Truth hurts. Did I miss the Brubaker Deadpool arc? The Millar Deadpool arc? The Loeb Deadpool arc. Get over yourself.

The flip of my statement is that Marvel doesn’t feature their prize talent on Dpool and the character does well-Mostly newbies, hence D-list”

Kudos, Rob. I hope you sleep better tonight.



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