[Fantasia ’12] Mr Disgusting’s Mini-Reviews #2: The Worst of the Fest

  • horrorking95

    I really did not like “The Pact” either. I was interested in The Human Race and Replicas, but I suppose that now I’m not! Thanks for reviews 😀

  • Lonmonster

    I thought Replicas was alright. The Human Race was indeed putrid.

    • MrDisgusting

      I can see why people would enjoy Replicas. It was just so flat, generic and soulless to me that I couldn’t get past it.

  • MakeThisAMovies

    I personally felt the mundane nature of The Pact had a sort of J horror vibe to it that I enjoyed. I litterally screamed at one point. I jump a lot but I never scream. I dug it.

  • diapers

    I dug The Pact… I agree there was some tedium, but I was pretty freaked out for much of it, and usually I am bored shitless in jump-scare ghost films. Have not seen Errors yet, but had some pretty high hopes, as Eklund was very impressive in The Divide.

  • theodds22

    I also enjoyed the Pact, though it felt… stretched and it really didn’t bring any new to the genre but I felt scared at few scenes. I don’t know but i like the slow burning feel into it, that’s why I still have high hopes for Replicas.

  • Crown

    I enjoyed The Pact too and it had some great moments. Highlight of festival was The Human Race which I loved. didn’t see Replicas but want to. White was ok but nothing special.