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Review: ‘Harvest’ #1 Dark, Dirty, And Beautiful

People of BD nation, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! A book with intense gore, a realistic and intelligent plot, and killer artwork. Harvest, from Image Comics’ creative team of A.J. Lieberman and Colin Lorimer, is a breathtaking masterpiece that entwines the sinister black market, organ collecting world with a drug addicted surgeon. While it is a tad preemptive of me to say, the first issue alone puts “Harvest” in the higher echelon of modern horror. Much like “Witch Doctor” last year, this is the book horror fans have been waiting for.

WRITTEN BY: A.J. Lieberman
ART BY: Colin Lorimer
RELEASE: August 1st

The protagonist, if you can call him that, is a massive piece of shit. Benjamin Dane is an alcoholic drug addict that doesn’t mind performing emergency surgery while hopped up on every and all forms of mind altering substances. The book begins by offering a glimpse of the future, where it appears that Dr. Dane has gone off the deep end. But the bulk of the story takes place when he is still a “professional” surgeon. This gives you insight into how Dr. Dane’s mind works as well as how he initially comes to work in the seedy black market as a down and dirty organ harvesters. The pace of this story is quick but Lieberman still manages to clearly introduce all major players. All the characters from the start come into play once again as the issue closes, which is a nice twist that shows Lieberman’s creative storytelling ability. “Harvest” also has some nice plot twists; a rarity in the first issues, but =they work to advance the plot and hopefully set the tone for the rest of the series. As book one comes to an end, issue #2 is already set up perfectly and Dr. Dane has come to either embrace his role as organ harvester or has gone rogue, only time will tell.

Script and story are masterful but that’s not even what amazes me most about “Harvest”. The art is the kicker. The details Lorimer puts in the gore match the medical descriptions perfectly. The organs and blood look hyper-real, leaving little to the imagination. The off-axis “camera” angles bring out a creepy tone that highlights how dirty and dark this underworld is going to be. When awoken from his sleep by his beeper, Dr. Dane goes into surgery literally f*cked out of his mind. This scene is an eye-opener that shows a body on a surgery table impaled by pipes. If this is only a small taste of what’s to come, I can only begin to imagine how Lormier’s artwork will continue to soar throughout the miniseries.

A.J. Lieberman and Colin Lorimer have outdone themselves, and are pushing the boundaries of horror comics. Not only was I impressed by the entertainment value, but the art itself is beyond the level of many comics out there today. The sheer awesomeness of the book makes “Harvest” the new go to for horror fans.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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