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[Dead Days Of Summer] Day 1: Vote For The Best & Worst Horror Games Of 2012 (So Far)

It’s no secret that the summertime isn’t kind to us gamers. Outside of E3, there’s very few quality events or releases to look forward to in the June to early August timeframe, especially when compared to the rest of the year. As we find ourselves on the precipice of the holiday season, with some incredibly exciting games on the horizon, this is a fantastic time to take a look back at what 2012 has offered us so far. This has been a pretty remarkable time to be a horror fan as we saw more horror games in February and March than we usually see in entire years. Head past the break to cast your votes for the best and worst of 2012 so far!

You might’ve noticed the “Dead Days of Summer” banner. This is a brand spanking new series that’ll (hopefully) keep you entertained for the week as we patiently wait for the first wave of major titles to jump into our open arms (starting with Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs on 8/14). Today is Day 1, and on Day 7 I’ll announce the winners of our “Halfies” awards. Until then, get to voting!

Best Multiplayer

Thanks for voting!

Best Remake/HD Remaster

Best Bite-Sized Horror

Best Time Sinker

Biggest Disappointment

Best Overall

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  • Marty McFly

    Operation Raccoon City was such a disappointment. I have high hopes for RE6 though.

  • cryocore

    Remove Alan Wake from the Remake/Remaster list immediately. It is neither. Its the same game using the same engine only with the usual PC exclusive tweaks that EVERY PC version of a multiplatform game has. By this logic Skyrim is a remake. For gods sake use your brain. Its a great game but it was originally a PC game that got moved to 360 then released on PC after protracted period of time.

    I would also suggest adding Diablo III to the most disappointing list. While hugely popular it has annoyed and disappointed more fans of the franchise than any sequel I can think of.

    • Adam Dodd

      You’re obviously very passionate about this, but I’m not changing anything. The only solution I can suggest to you in the case of Alan Wake is if you don’t think it should be there, don’t vote for it. If it helps, you can always imagine the category reads “Remake/Remaster/Port”.

      As for Diablo III, I think Mass Effect 3 would give it a run for its money in how many fans it angered, but I’d never dream of including either in a “Most Disappointing” games category, especially when said category includes the likes of Amy, NeverDead, and RE: ORC.

      • cryocore

        What?!?! Ok then add Minecraft, Skyrim, Darkness II, and The Walking Dead then seeing as you have no clue as to what you’re talking about. They are all released across multiple platforms and required the same (or more) amount of work for them to work across all the released platforms.

        It a MULTIPLATFORM game. Not a port. If you’re going to write about games at least educate yourself. You’re wrong. Its not a remake, remaster, or port.

        • ResidentEagle

          Get a grip, mate, it’s only a bit of fun. It appears that you’re called CRYocore for a reason.

          • cryocore

            wow your wit is truly remarkable. I am not crying or whining. I am pointing out that the game should not be included in a category that the game obviously doesnt qualify as. This isnt subjective or up for debate it just simply is not a remake, or a remaster. Tagging in the port part is beyond idiotic. He should just admit he made an error and remove the game from the list.

            Also the fact that he has actually not included a bunch of actual horror games for some titles that only have a very slight connection to the horror genre just goes to show he has no idea what the hell he’s writing about… and most likely a console only gamer by the omission of so many great horror games released this year (on PC).

  • ThunderDragoon

    I haven’t even gotten to play any of these games yet. Once I get money, I’ll let you know what I think lol.

  • ghengis

    NO DAY Z?!?! One of the best zombie games of all time and a horror website is completely ignoring it?? Shameful.

    • Adam Dodd

      I almost included Day Z, because you’re right, it’s great, but I omitted it because it’s a mod. There’s always the Fear Awards at the end of the year, where there will definitely be a Best Mods category, and it’s guaranteed to get a mention there!

      • Beneviolence

        Sounds like Day Z is actually breaking free from Mod status and getting its own title.

        I haven’t played but I watched a guy play for a bit and while it was clearly development level, the game mechanics were pretty cool.

        Looking forward to a complete title for sure.

  • Milk

    I’m a huge gamer and I wouldn’t agree with most of these. I honestly can’t even participate in the polls because most of them are so far off base. I didn’t like D3 or Alan Wake and would prefer to be able to vote for them for biggest disappointment. Why not just list all the same games in every category and let us decide? Seems bias. Also, why is Minecraft in these lists?

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