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Preview: ‘Thun’da’ #1

The phrase from the issue summary, “confronted by a bizarre lost world of dinosaurs and other strange creatures,” should be enough to make you want to read Dynamite’s “Thun’da”. The series follows Roger Drum, as he wakes up in a strange new land, where he will have to fight off big beasts to survive day by day. Originally created in the early 1950s, “Thun’da” returns!

STORY BY: Robert Place Napton
ART BY: Cliff Richards
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: August 8th

The time is now. A Military helicopter crash lands in a remote valley in Africa. A lone survivor awakens with no memory of who he is or what he was doing there, but he’s wearing a uniform and is a skilled combatant. From the wreckage he learns only his name — ROGER DRUM. As he explores his new surroundings he is confronted by a bizarre lost world of dinosaurs and other strange creatures. Drum must learn to survive in this terrifying new reality while coming to terms with fragments of a past he isn’t sure he wants to remember. As a bonus, this over-sized issue also includes the original first issue with fantastic art by the one-and-only Frank Frazetta at no extra cost!



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