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[TIFF ’12] Possessed Hi-Res ‘Here Comes the Devil’ Image Gallery

We’ve just now landed the first batch of official hi-res stills from Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s Here Comes the Devil, MPI/Dark Sky Films’ horror pic premiering at the September Toronto International Film Festival.

With Here Comes the Devil, he moves into a supernatural realm: “On a family vacation, a couple’s son and daughter disappear while exploring a cave-riddled mountainside. The children eventually return home seemingly unharmed, but are withdrawn and devoid of emotion. The parents fear they have fallen prey to something inhuman — and that this dark evil has come home with them.” The film stars Francisco Barreiro (We Are What We Are) and rising actress Laura Caro.

Here Comes the Devil is the first full-length feature from Salto de Fe Films, which is based in Mexico City. In addition to the recent Penumbra and Cold Sweat, Garcia Bogliano’s many films include such independent genre achievement as Rooms for Tourists, 36 Steps, Watch ’em Die and The Accursed.

Adrian Garcia Bogliano is the creator of the international horror sensations Penumbra and Cold Sweat.



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