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Hear “Ride The Lightning” Like You’re Never Heard It Before

The idea of remaking or covering is really iffy territory. On one hand, you have an original work, which may be loved and cherished by countless people. On the other hand, if there is an opportunity to breath new life into something or take it in a direction that no has done before, there’s the possibility of ending up with something truly unique and fascinating.

This is the case Kendra Morris‘s cover of Metallica‘s “Ride The Lightning”. Completely departing from the thrash metal feel that made the original so famous and revered, this cover takes the song and converts it into a smooth jazz/soul rendition. You can hear the song below.

Per Morris’s Facebook, she writes, “Another blog post on Ride The Lightning.. My longtime collaborator Jeremy Page and I hand picked this cover along with every other cover leading up to the release of Banshee on August 28th.. I am a huge fan of doing covers because it is a great way to take something you love or find intrigue in and give it a new life.. It’s a lot like Cherry Coke or reincarnation.



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