[OMFG] Japanese Researchers Create Hair-Raising Chair That Makes Horror Movies Even Scarier!

“For those who seek a ‘richer experience’ when it comes to watching horror movies, Tokyo-based researchers led by Shogo Fukushima from the University of Electro-Communications have created a chair that artificially intensifies the ‘emotional feeling’ through haptic technologies when you get scared,” reports Design Taxi.

“Called the ‘Chilly Chair’, the chair has armrests and a backrest that sends out electrostatic force to literally make your hair stand.

“The involuntary physiological change in body sensations enhance the emotional feeling experienced—enabling the change in a person’s physical and emotional experience when it comes to watching horror movies, making the movie feel even scarier.

We constructed a device that controls piloerection on the forearm by electrostatic force. From a psychophysical experiment, we revealed that the piloerection system has enhancement effect on ‘surprise’ feeling,” the researchers wrote in their paper.”

Check out the video to see how the chair works.

  • theodds22

    i don’t get it. OMFG this is lame.

  • flesheater24

    This my friend doesn’t deserve an OMFG I am norm and support you for your OMFG’s but this is an OMFG put me to sleep.