The Gates Of Hell Open In ‘Little Creeps’ Trailer

  • Radicalex

    How to make a low-budget horror flick in the post-Scream self-aware age:

    1. Realize you don’t have enough money to make a good movie.
    2. Make a horror-comedy instead, with awesomely popular pop culture elements like zombies, ninjas, or pirates. These things are funny because they’re awesome!
    3. Hire 1 ex-wrestler and some actors from a goofy sitcom whose acting abilities have apparently declined from the already low standard set by aforementioned sitcom, solely for the kitsch factor. Kitsch = comedy!
    4. Commission a painting for your film from someone who’s never seen art before.
    5. You’re done! Congratulations: you have now made a movie that is making the world just a little bit worse.

    My apologies to the makers of this film, but this just brought out the worst in me.

  • Mathijs

    I’m actually looking forward for this movie, Robert Z’Dar and Joe Estevez are great. Plus I watched the trailer and the demons were looking cool in my opinion. So yup, I think this could be fun. I just wish I knew where/when/if it’s available on DVD (already)…