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R.I.P. Warner Premiere, Sequels In Doubt

Warner Bros. has shut down Warner Premiere, its straight-to-video division. The label was launched at the height of the DVD boom in the mid-2000s, when consumers rabidly bought movies made specifically for the format. Warners cited the declining DVD market and the current transition to digital in a statement released Monday.

Franchise potential is now in doubt as among the more high-profile offering produced by Warner Premiere were 2008’s Lost Boys: The Tribe and 2010’s Lost Boys: The Thirst, and the original horror movies Trick ‘r Treat and The Hills Run Red. We’ve confirmed that the long-gestured Beetlejuice sequel is safe as it has moved into Warners.

This makes complete sense strictly from a major studio’s business perspective. Yet from the mind of an indie filmmaker, you look at this and laugh – this is what happens when you overspend on a direct-to-video title. There’s no reason we need a $4-6 million dollar Lost Boys sequel that looks like it was made for a dollar.

Premiere was the breeding ground for half-assed scripts, rushed productions and lackluster product. Good riddance I say…



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