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Joe Carnahan’s ‘Daredevil’ Reel For The Movie That Will Not Be

Twentieth Century Fox has been trying hard to maintain the rights to the Daredevil film property in order to avoid returning the rights to Marvel Studios in October. If Fox does not have a new film in production stages in October, the rights go back to Marvel, and this seems to be the case. Director Joe Carnahan was on board to reboot Daredevil as a gritty, 70s style thriller. Unfortunately, the project has been shut down. Taking to Twitter, Carnahan posted that the project “went up in smoke.”

But, Carnahan released the pitch reel he put together for his re-envisioning of the hero. The short clip shows a darker world for Daredevil that uses Robert De Niro’s voice for King Pin in order to show the 70s crime world. Watch the NC-17 version of Carnahan’s Daredevil below.




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