Rodriguez’s ‘Predator’ Film That Will Never Be

Clint over at Moviehole caught up with Director Robert Rodriguez to chat about the DVD of Once Upon a Time in Mexico recently and ended up chatting about his future projects. The most interesting of the discussion was him talking about his Predator script entitled Predators, “So I said, yes I’ll write a version of that (Predator 3). And it was just — it was just crazy, it was huge, it was a big, big, big budget. Because I didn’t have to direct it, I just had to write it. So I didn’t really think about the budget, I was just like wrote this, wrote that. And it was really a cool script, it’s floating around somewhere. But it’s huge, and will never be made, the studio edited it and said there’s no way we can make this, this would cost — even at that time — 150 million, and no women would ever go see this movie.” Follow the link for more!

Source: Moviehole