‘Van Helsing’ Ain’t No ‘Mummy 3’…Weeew!

The website Jackman’s Landing posted an interview from SFX magazine with Van Helsing director Stephen Sommers, where he had some interesting stuff to say about Van Helsing’s name change and how he didn’t want this to be Mummy 3 (thank god!). Here’s a small taste, “The key is to use the source material,” Sommers tells SFX. “I went back and watched all the original Universal movies and I thought, “Why did I love these when I was a kid? What was really great about each of these? Characters. I didn’t want this movie to be Mummy 3 with different monsters. I went into this saying, ‘There are no monsters, just people with really bad problems!’ They’re all human; they’re all people. Even Frankenstein is a man… well, he’s seven men… but he’s still human!” Follow the link for more.

Source: Jackman's Landing