There’s Always Room for Improvement

There’s an entire house that needs some improving if you ask Scott Kosar, who’s penning the remake of Amityville for MGM and Dimension. Almost 25 years ago, the first Amityville hits theaters with much anticipation, can Kosar re-imagine the terror brought to the original and make the remake even more creepy and more “modern”? Read on for details.During an interview with Fangoria, Scott Kosar (Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake) talked a bit about the Amityville remake, “I remember when I saw AMITYVILLE in the theaters, it was all the rage,” Kosar recalls. “It’s really bizarre how in our childhood recollections the movie is absolutely terrifying. Looking back, there were certain moments that were memorable, but here we are 25 years later and we need to reinvent things. Whereas CHAINSAW was intimidating in that I didn’t think there was any way to improve upon the original, there’s plenty of room for improvement with AMITYVILLE.”

Although Kosar is contractually sworn to secrecy about much of the new film, Fangoria was able to pry loose a few delectable tidbits. “Although I wouldn’t call it the most faithful remake, I can say that we are being more faithful to the book than the film. But it’s being reinvented in a way that will make it feel more contemporary.”

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Source: Fangoria