Ermey So Good, They’ll Do a Prequel?

I received a scoop from someone named Jason T. regarding the possibilities of a prequel to New Line Cinema’s remake cash cow Texas Chainsaw Massacre (review), which made over $80 million at the box office and is set for release on DVD Tuesday! Inside is the scoop, along with reasons I believe it to be real.Take the following as rumor until something has been confirmed: Jason T. writes, “Howdy Mr. D, well I was just writing in to let you know I have some news on the TCM Prequel. First off I live here in Minnesota and we have a morning talk show here on a local radio station and the guest on the show friday morning was the actor that played the sheriff in the remake, R. Lee Ermey. Well he was hyping his appearance for a local car show and the host of the show mentioned how much they like his work in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and in ‘Saving Silverman’, then the co-host said that he loved him in the remake of ‘Chainsaw’.

Ermey said that when he read what they wrote for his part as the sheriff in ‘Chainsaw’, it just stunk to high hell, so New Line gave him the power, as they did in Silverman, to re-write his character.

Well New Line loved his version of the character so much that they have decided, since they can’t do a sequel – seeing that the sheriff was ran over 3 times – to do a prequel on Leatherface’s murders leading up to the remake.

This is NOT a rumor, his is straight from his mouth. Just thought I would pass on this news, keep up the good work.

First off, I know for a fact Mr Ermey has been traveling and doing local car shows for the past few months, so that’s a clue that this guy is for real. Also, I did read a LONG time ago, and I actually reported on it, that Ermey had creative control over his character – Fact #2. Although this may be true, it does not mean that a prequel is a priority, and like Nispel and Bryniarski said, there isn’t too much talk going around about the prequel right now, but things could have changed in the past few months. I guess we’ll know more after the DVD’s release on Tuesday – head on over here for all the details.

I’ve received two emails from people clarifying this scoop!

Source: Jason T., R. Lee Ermey