Why Can’t Mr. D be a Little Pessimistic?

I just have to get this off my chest- this Day of the Dead: Contagium is really starting to piss me off. If you’re falling in the same category as me, and feeling that this is just going to be another Children of the Living Dead, or are just curious to my opinion, you can read on to see what my fuss is all about…Besides flooding the web with a ridiculous amount of spam (in my email and all over the forums) and lousy ‘teaser trailers’, what have they got besides a few cool pictures and a name that shouldn’t be?

If you’re going to make a zombie movie, make a freaking zombie movie- but don’t give it name like ‘Day of the Dead’. Obviously someone looked in the dictionary to come up with the name ‘Contagium’, so why not come up with something other than ‘Day of the Dead’? What if this movie sucks? I would be so incredibly pissed off if I were George Romero right now.

But what truly inspired this small fit of concern is the interview ran by everyones good pal John Fallon ( no insult to him) over at Arrow in the Head. In this interview, James Dudelson and Ana Clavell answer some serious and valid questions asked by Mr. Fallon with simple “yes” and “no” answers, which in my eyes feels like they are avoiding something. I just have this gut feeling that us horror fans are in for a serious slap in the face and I want to make it known that I’m not fully in support of this so-called prequel. I just feel like a House of the Dead is coming on.

But hey- stranger things have happened, maybe it’ll end up being a kick ass flick, only time will tell…

(Another) thread was started right here, lets keep all of your comments about the film there- I’m curious what you guys feel about this…

Source: Arrow in the Head