Three New Exclusive ‘Devil’s Rejects’ Images!

B-D has scored some more goods on Rob Zombie’s sequel to House Of 1000 Corpses, Devil’s Rejects. Inside we have three new exclusive images along with some big news on what Lions Gate plans to do with the upcoming flick.

“Here’s a first look at Otis and Baby on the run.”

“Spaulding gets into touble again”

“Director Zombie and Sid haig discuss a shot while burning under the desert sun.”

For high res images visit the Devil’s Rejects Image Gallery at Freeze Dried Movies.

In other news a source close to the production overheard a conversation between the producers of the film and the Lion’s Gate executives concerning the release of The Devil’s Rejects. As the film enters it’s fourth week of principle photography, apparently Lion’s Gate is so thrilled with the results that they are talking about making this the widest released film in the history of the company. Somewhere between 2500 and 3000 screens. That is more than six times what the first film recieved.

Saturday, June 12th marked the first day that the new members of the Firefly clan and the originals worked together. Otis, Baby, Mother and Rufus were reunited once again. Zombie had this to say about the new cast members, “Leslie and Tyler have been amazing. The new family members bonded immediately and never missed a beat. I have no fear that the fans will have no trouble embracing Leslie and Tyler in these roles, both of them have been great to work with and have thrown themselves deeply into their roles.”