A Vampire Father Figure? I Don’t Think So…

Sure it’s about Vampires, but does it have to sound like a freakin drama movie? Veteran casting director Mindy Marin has optioned film rights to David Sosnowki’s novel Vamped, set in a world where vampires rule- and care, according to Variety. Read on for the scoop.Variety continues, “The darkly comic story revolves around an older vampire who befriends an orphaned human girl and winds up as a father figure who must sleep during the daytime.

Marin, who’s expanded into producing via her Bluewater Ranch Entertainment after 25 years in casting, believes the project would combine elements of “Interview With the Vampire” and “About a Boy.” “It’s a triumphant story in a wonderful world that’s been turned upside down,” she added.

Marin first served as an associate producer on “Two Days in the Valley” and “The Deep End.” She’s co-producing romantic comedies “Hating Her” and “The Alibi” and serving as casting director on “The Bee Season” and “Lord of War.”

Source: Variety