Morgan Creek’s ‘Beginning’ Trailer Too Damn Scary?!

We’re talking about a horror film here aren’t we? What type of world do we live in when the Exorcist: The Beginning trailer is deemed to scary by the MPAA and yet I can turn on the news and watch corpses in the street and houses burning down? F%*king MPAA. Read on for the news… Captain Howdy writes:

Morgan Creek have prepared a new and improved trailer for Exorcist: The Beginning to release online and in cinemas as soon as possible, replacing the shambled trailer that was recently released.

They have hit an unforeseen hurdle, however. A Warner Brothers source revealing exclusively to today that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have disapproved the new trailer for release, officially stating the footage is deemed “too scary for all audiences”.

According to the source, the official document stated reasons why the trailer would not receive release approval, including ‘blood on walls’ and a ‘white demonic face bleeding from the eyes’.

It is not known whether Morgan Creek are fighting the decision or re-cutting the trailer to meet standards. tried to contact Greg Mielcarz, Head of Worldwide Publicity at Morgan Creek, but he was unavailable for comment. Greg frequents the Exorcist Fan Forums here at Morgan Creek have not issued a formal statement at this time.

However, this news should raise a few eyebrows. It further confirms that Morgan Creek were indeed chasing a ‘scarier’ feel for their prequel after Schrader left the project and Renny Harlin was brought on board to patch things up. Practically the entire film was re-shot as a result. Renny Harlin’s film will be in cinema’s August 20, Paul Schrader’s will reach DVD early next year.

The trailer for Exorcist: The Beginning was launched two weeks ago on, much to the excitement of Exorcist fans who had been waiting for over two years to finally see some footage from the fourth Exorcist film. Excitement quickly tuned sour, however, as fans were quick to point out the cliché elements of the trailer, questioning the credibility of the film as a respectable sequel as a result.

Fans also noticed the trailer featured on many internet sites, but not the official Exorcist: The Beginning web site. It would seem Morgan Creek were holding off so they could release their official – SCARIER – trailer to the world.

Watch the trailer thats online now here.

Source: Captain Howdy