Hollowman 2, Critters 5/6, Preacher, Underworld 2& more News!!

Now here’s some shocking, yet amazing news that came courtesy of the Hollywood North Report this morning. They have details on the shooting dates in Canada for Hollow Man 2, Dog Soldiers 2, Critters 5 & 6, Underworld 2, Preacher and Kumite. Inside you’ll find the details- yes more ‘Critters’!!!According to the Hollywood North Report:

Out of nowhere Hollow Man 2 showed up on the map with production set to run October 18th thru December 3rd 2004 at Vancouver Film Studios. Director Claudio Faeh (Coronado) is set to help his second feature with David Lancaster (Riding the Bullet, Second Skin) and Greg Malcolm (Riding the Bullet) producing. Little is known about the production or story other than it’s said to be a direct sequel with a different actor taking the lead role occupied by Kevin Bacon in the Paul Verhoeven directed original. We assume this is a direct-to-DVD feature. More news to come on this film we’re sure. Casting is being handled by Aikins/Cossey Casting and the production company is Frontera Productions BC, Ltd.

Kumite is now pushed back to either a late September or Early October start. Also in a very interesting turn of events famed Cinematographer Doug Milsome (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Lonesome Dove) has been listed as the director on the BC Film list. It could just be a mistake as he is slated to work on the production or maybe Jean-Claude Van Damme has thankfully backed away from the director’s chair?

Either way it’ll be a miracle if this production gets off the ground as we’ve heard the film has encountered many problems with funding.

Man About Town with Ben Affleck & Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is tipped to shoot in town later this year…isn’t he against filming in Canada? Or is that only when he?s campaigning for John Kerry and the Democrats?

Our sources say Joss Whedon is set to Write and Direct X Men 3 with the start date now pushed back to the Summer of 2005.

There is a very good chance Critters 5 & 6 will shoot back to back here in town later this year.

Preacher is now looking like it will shoot in Vancouver this Fall (instead of the originally planned Saskatchewan) with 1 additional week being done in either Saskatchewan or Texas.

We’ve been hearing from numerous sources that Underworld 2 will be filming in Vancouver this Fall with Mammoth Film Studios being tipped by one source as the studio they will use.

Dog Soldiers 2 is looking like a February Start 2005 in Vancouver.

Source: Hollywood North Report