Tom Savini’s Involvement in ‘Land of the Dead’

Now that George Romero’s Land of the Dead is finally off the ground and almost ready to begin shooting, the cast announcements should be coming in shortly. This weekend at Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear, Tom Savini talked a little bit about the fourth zombie flick and his involvement, which is quit interesting. Read on for the scoop…The Horror Channel writes, “During a panel at this past weekend’s Rue Morgue Festival of Fear convention up in Toronto, Tom Savini gave the crowd quite an earful in terms of what his role in the 4th installment of Romero’s legendary film series could be.

Picture this if you will: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of the last “living strongholds” on the planet, is completely cordoned off. Droves of hungry zombies are clawing at the city?s borders, desperately trying to get a taste of the only “fresh meat” around. The city is patrolled and protected by a tank called “The Dead Reckoning.” Every tank needs a crew. Every crew needs a leader. Enter Tom Savini.

Savini is in negotiations to co-star in the film as one of the leaders of a salvage team that goes out in the Dead Reckoning to search for supplies and/or survivors. It gets more interesting than this though, folks. Savini mentioned that one of George’s plans for him is to run into and kill Blades, his original character from Dawn. As you can imagine, Blades is pretty much the worse for wear and will have a bloated look as he met his “earthly” demise in a fountain some time ago.

According to Ryan’s report, nothing is official right now; this is just what’s on the table. George has stated that no one has officially signed onto the project as of yet except for KNB, which will be providing what I am sure will be the best Dead FX ever. Romero has also stated that he’s very interested in having Asia Argento onboard for the project, but again, nothing is for sure.”

Source: The Horror Channel