Tony Todd’s Hiding in the ‘Shadow’

If you are a horror fan, and one makes me think you are if you are here at Bloody-Disgusting then you are most likely familar with the work of Tony Todd. From classic horror movies such as Candyman to some unfortunate movies like The Scarecrow Slayer. But one thing is for sure, Tony Todd is a icon in our genre and now it seems he is at it again in a new movie called Shadow which is a Fever Dreams’ project. Check inside to read all about it.Dread Central reports,

Tony Todd isn’t through with death just yet. The 49-year-old genre actor with the recognizable husky, baritone voice went a few rounds with the walking dead in Tom Savini’s Night of the Living Dead remake. He’s going to be aiming for the head once again in Fever Dreams’ sophomore effort tentatively titled Shadow.

Todd has just signed aboard the project that is currently shooting in and around the Philadelphia area with Derek Wan making his directorial debut. Wan’s cinematography backround mostly consists of Hong Kong features like Jet Li’s Fist of Legend and Once Upon a Time in China V. He’s taking a little bit of that kung-fu action he’s accustomed to and is applying it to Shadow which is supposedly a heavy horror/action hybrid. Enter the Dragon’s Tony Leung Siu-Hung is serving as the action choreographer.

In Shadow, newcomer Carla Greene leads a group of tough-ass chicks in a women’s prison (Martha Stewart doesn’t make the cut) who, in order to survive, must unite to wage an all-out battle with the undead who have surfaced on the prison’s grounds. Hmm, I wonder if they find the time to get nekkid. Shadow is also the name of Todd’s character.

Fever Dreams made its debut with 2003’s Flesh for the Beast widely distributed by Media Blasters.

Source: Dread Central