‘The Devil’s Rejects’ Get an Awesome Composer

Now my very close friends know how much I love Rob Zombie, and I am sure our dedicated posters on the message board know how much of a fan I am, so I was tickled to death to be able to bring you news about the The Devil’s Rejects site going live. So now I get to bring you even more news, and that is Rob has scored a very kick arse composer for his film, and it comes in the form of Tyler Bates. You might remember he scored Dawn of the Dead. So check inside to read the news directly from the man.Rob Zombie tells us,

Big music news in the world of The Devil’s Rejects. Tyler Bates has signed on as the composer to this already star studded cast, Tyler’s most recent work was the haunting score for the smash hit DAWN OF THE DEAD. “I was really impressed with the score to Dawn of the Dead. Tyler completely understands how important music is to create a truly disturbing film world.” says Zombie,” I think Tyler will be the perfect match for this insane film that we have created. We hit it off immediately and I am looking forward to working with him”

Source: Rob Zombie