NECA Takes it One Step Too Far- But That’s Good!

NECA is out of control- the ideas are flowing and they are taking every single penny we had saved up for gas to get to the freakin store! Check this huge announcement out- a new line of figures called Cult Classics– basically picking up where McFarlane left us in the dust. All hail NECA and their king Randy Falk. Inside you’ll find the full story along with some major announced figures! writes:

“Randy Falk of NECA gives us the inside info on their long awaited movie line.

To go along with our brand new look, some of our friends in the industry have been gracious enough to give us some brand new info to go along with it.

We started out on Movie Maniacs, then were the first to tell you about ‘Now Playing’, and now is very pleased to introduce to you ‘Cult Classics’

Here’s the hard and fast info for those who just want the 411, read on for more details though.

NECA’s movie line, comprised of figures from a variety of films, is going to be released of the banner of ‘Cult Classics’. There will be not one, but TWO series released next year. They will be made up of 4 figures each. Series 1 will be released in the Spring, with Series 2 hitting that fall.

Now who’s in it you may ask? People have been speculating like crazy lately, and I am very happy to be the one to tell you that a couple of big time fan favorites will be included in Series 1. First will be the scaled down version of NECA’s 18 inch Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th 7: The New Blood, a figure long awaited to be made in action figure size. This isn’t just a simple re-working though. There will be some changes made to entice those who own the big guy to purchase the Action Sized version as well.

Randy wants fans to know though, that even though the line will contain the occasional re-working of a figure like Jason, this line will be made up of brand new figures, never done before by anyone else as well as some new takes on old favorites. Take, for instance, our second member of Series 1, Leatherface from the original ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. While past versions of this guy have been made, NECA will produce Leather as you’ve never had a chance to own him, complete with Dinner Jacket and Makeup Mask!

Now that’s just 2 of the first series NECA has planned, and although we’d love to tell you more about it, we’re sworn to secrecy. Take our word for it though that the rest of Series 1 as well as Series 2, will be huge fan favorites. The line is called Cult Classics after all, a title which NECA takes very seriously, and intends on being the guideline for their choices on future series.

We felt bad about having to leave you in the dark on some of the other members of Cult Classics, so Randy let us also know that their Diorama boxed sets will also continue into the next year, and one we can’t wait to tell you about is the Friday the 13th 25th Anniversary set.

If you think their recently released ‘Halloween’ set was great, then check this out. The set will be a combination of figures from films 1 and 2, featuring Mrs. Voorhees and her favorite boy. Speculate all you want for now; the set is still early in the design stages so check back with us for more details and a first look, as soon as NECA has their plans finalized.”