Huge Report from Arizona’s ‘Horrorfind Weekend’

Live in Arizona? Then you might know what you missed out on this past Halloween weekend- Horrofind Weekend 2004. Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Doug Bradley, Jonathan Breck, Angela Bettis, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and even Tony Todd were in attendance! Inside you’ll find a huge report from the fest- next time I dare you to miss out…Horrorfind Convention by: xxxWOLF666

Hello from Arizona! I just wanted to tell you about the last day of the Horrorfind weekend here. I had to work the first 2 days it was going on but did manage to make it for Halloween day. I don’t have a lot of scooper information but I did have a great time and thought some of you would like to hear about it. The turnout was a little slower than expected although I was told by Mike who organized the event that there were a lot more people there on the previous days. The dealer’s room was a little smaller than I was expecting but there was some cool stuff. As I did not have much money with me it was very difficult to refrain from buying films like Haute Tension and Undead which they had for sale. In the same room they had all 3 ladies from the original Evil Dead who were very nice but seemed to keep to themselves. I had the chance to meet Tim Sullivan who had a whole table full of original props from Evil Dead. The guest room was filled with many of the actors we all know. Again since I had very little cash I was restricted to shaking hands instead of getting autographs.

I spoke with Bub, the main zombie from Day of the Dead. He seemed very nice and accommodating but was a little shy. I asked how he liked doing his first convention to which we simply replied, “It’s a good gig”. I then spoke with Joe Pilato (Rhode’s from Day OTD) who was by far the most approachable person there. He immediately came from behind his table to greet me and my brother with a handshake. He must have met a lot of people because he would ask where I was from every time I said hello throughout the convention. I spoke with Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers) who was extremely nice as well. He went into a lot of detail about getting into the Creeper suit saying it actually was not as uncomfortable as he expected and compared it to wearing a wet suit.

Next were Bill Moseley and Sid Haig who had joined tables. Bill was pretty quiet but said he is very glad to have shaved his beard from Devil’s Rejects. I asked if it will be more brutal than 1000 Corpses and he said no (but with half a smile so I’m pretty sure he was lying). He did say there is a lot less humor than the first and it will definitely be more serious in tone. I told him he was under used in the Convent and he said, “It was a good gig” (where have I heard that before?). Sid Haig, who was never seen sitting down, was all over the place. When I first came up to him he had a toy dog that wrapped around his leg. As I approached the dog started humping his leg. I guess I made a weird face when I saw it as he pointed at me and laughed. Capt. Spaulding’s laugh is genuinely Sid Haig’s. I talked to him about the scene in the beginning of 1000 Corpses where the robber puts the gun in his face. I complimented him on not flinching at all when the gun is put in his face, something that is difficult to do even if you know its coming. He thanked me and said that he has received many compliments on that scene for just that reason. He said his whole thinking on that scene was that Capt. Spaulding is not scared of anyone and f*ck you for trying to rob him. He then flipped the double-bird just as he did in the movie.

I spoke briefly with Adrianne Barbou (sp?). She seemed very disinterested in the whole thing and looked like she would rather be somewhere else. I told her that although I enjoy her roles I did root for her character to get killed in Creepshow. She laughed and looked away. I meant it as a compliment to her acting ability but she may have taken it the wrong way. Oh well. I spoke with Angela Bettis, who is as beautiful in person as she is on screen, about her role in May. She said they had to use 2 contact lenses to get her eye to appear lazy. She handed me a card for I let her know that I had already heard about it on She was very excited that someone had heard about it from somewhere other than the convention. I met many others but the conversation was short and a lot of people seemed tired. I briefly spoke with Tony Todd. He was signing some pictures, shook my hand, and then went back to signing his autograph. I told him that he brought a lot of realism to his role in the NOTLD remake especially when the tear falls from his eye. He stopped signing the pictures, stood up, shook my hand, thanked me, and told me to call him Tony. I could tell he really appreciated my comment. Stuart Gordon was at the next table drawing gothic looking pictures on a sticky note. He talked about his upcoming movie (which has been mentioned here at BD). He said it is about a virus that only affects women and that the result would be, not a battle of the sexes, but a war of the sexes. There were a few people that I briefly met such as the female lead from Day OTD and the guy who plays Wishmaster (which I have not seen any of), but it was just “Hi, nice to meet you ” kind of stuff.

I watched the end of Halloween and the second half of Dawn OTD. Part way through Dawn I went to the bar to get a drink. I spoke with the bartender there who was a big horror fan. He said that Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes) and many others had been to the bar hanging out after the conventions end. I grabbed a drink and went back to where they had the actors. I said hi to Gaylen Ross and explained I was watching her in the next room so I had to run back. On my way back I met some fan who had the original prop sledgehammer from Dawn. He had it signed by Savini, most of the actors and Romero himself. He let me hold it and give it a good swing. He said that Romero was supposed to be at the convention but couldn’t make it due to Land OTD. We both agreed that we prefer him working on the movie than at the convention. I watched the rest of Dawn and went back out to see if anything was going on. It looked like the convention was winding down (Halloween day had the least amount of people there which was surprising). Most of the actors were heading out or had already gone. I was walking outside with my brother to have a smoke. I noticed the organizer, Mike, was talking with a familiar face. It looked like Doug Bradley (Pinhead). I missed him at his table earlier so I lurked in the shadows to wait for my chance to say hello. I approached him and he was nice but short (in conversation not height although he is much shorted than you would think from his movies). Mike said the hotel was less than kind to the staff, guests, and fans and they were taking written complaints from anyone who was treated badly. I explained that no one was anything but nice so there was nothing I could complain of.

It seemed that the event was over so my brother and I went to see the last movie showing. It was listed as Wishmaster II but they had the original Hellraiser on the screen. Since we had just met Pinhead we decided to stay and watch. After the movie all the actors had gone, except Sid Haig who was still milling around and taking pictures. My brother and I were going to leave when I remembered what the bartender had said. I told my brother (who is over 21 but does not drink) that we should go to the bar for a last drink and maybe someone will be there that we can talk to. Was I ever glad I did!

Sitting at the bar was Michael Berryman, Charles Cyphers (Sherrif Brackett from Halloween I and II), Tom Atkins (Fog, H3, Creepshow), Jonathan Breck, Tony Todd, and Gaylen Ross. The Pittsburgh/New England game was on with Atkins and Tony Todd on opposite sides. For awhile my brother and I just sat there enjoying the football game in the company of these horror icons, sitting right between Atkins and Breck. After much deliberation I decided to buy the bar a drink. One by one as the bartender told them who was paying for their drink they came up to me to thank me (it was $10 for Tony Todd’s cosmopolitan alone! Ouch!). After a few drinks had been given out, Tom Atkins called for a toast in my honor. Halloween night, being toasted by Michael Berryman, Gaylen Ross, Charles Cyphers, and Tom Atkins! It doesn’t get any better. I spent a considerable amount of time talking to Cyphers and Atkins about doing conventions in general and what they thought of the fans. Mr. Atkins said he believes horror fans to be the most stable and well adjusted group of people and he was very grateful for their support. Charles spoke of what a kind man Donald Pleasance was and that he was deeply saddened by his death. Charles Cyphers, by the way, looks nothing like he did in H1 and II. He now looks like he is entering a Stuart Gordon look-alike contest. He was extremely pleasant. I told him I wanted to scare him so I could say, “It’s Halloween. Everyone deserves a good scare.” A la H1. I also told Atkins that if his football team lost he could have screamed “turn it off, turn it off!” like at the end of H3. He didn’t remember saying that.

Gaylen Ross came up to thank me for the drink then left immediately. Joe Pilato came up to “shake the hand of the guy who’s buying his drink” (and yes he asked me again where I am from). After just hanging out for quite sometime, and too many drinks, I went to the bathroom. On my way back Michael Berryman called me over to a table he sitting at and just started to talk. He talked about how much he enjoyed Rob Zombie’s direction and what a nice guy he is. He also told me in depth about a new film he working on called “Storyteller”. I am not a journalist and did not present myself as such so I don’t feel comfortable giving details regarding this but it definitely sounds interesting. I went back to the bar and was told by my brother that the Creeper and the Candyman had to go but said told him to tell me thank you for the drink. Judith O’dea (Barabara from the original NOTLD) came up to the bar and ordered a dirty martini. I told the bartender I would buy that drink as well. She came over and sat down between me my brother. She talked about an upcoming role she has but it is not horror related. She did say that during filming of NOTLD that the one scene that she was truly scared during filming is when all the zombies start coming through the door including her recently deceased brother. She said she was quite frightened during that scene and there was little acting involved. She really was scared. She was very nice to talk to and later gave me a hug thanking me for the drink. Doug Bradley then came over to thank me. He was much more talkative this time and told me that many scenes are quite less dramatic during filming compared to all the additions made during post production. I asked about his voice being much deeper in the films and he said they play with his voice quite a bit. He then said he’d “tear my soul apart!” How great is that?!

It was just about time to go and my brother and I went outside so I could have another smoke. We hung around outside and Gaylen Ross came by and apologized for being short earlier and thanked my brother for the drink (he did buy that one). I said good bye to everyone sitting at a table outside (Reggie Bannister was now there talking with the Wishmaster and Pinhead). They all rose and shook my hand. Joe Pilato came up as we were leaving and talked with me a little while longer. He bought me a glass of Merlot, then later gave me his card with his phone number in California and said I could call anytime I was in town. He was the most animated person there, singing aloud when he was walking around. Truly a great guy! My brother and I finally went home, a little buzzed (well me anyway), and with a much greater appreciation for those who work in the genre that we love.

-xxxWOLF666 (or just Wolf)

Source: xxxWOLF666 (or just Wolf), Horrorfind