New ‘Satan’s Playground’ One Sheet Online

Dante Tomaselli’s much anticipated third feature film Satan’s Playground is now in post production and looking at a late 2005 release. If you head on inside you can check out the brand new teaser poster for the film along with a link for more images.

Click the poster for our gallery:

“Satan’s Playground,” is independent horror director Dante Tomaselli’s much anticipated third feature film. A return to 70’s and early 80’s style, Satan’s Playground is a heart-stopping supernatural shocker chronicling a family’s spine-tingling odyssey in New Jersey’s legendary Pine Barrens region. En route to a wilderness camping retreat, their car inexplicably breaks down. As darkness falls, panic sets in. Then the marooned family stumbles upon an ancient and seemingly abandoned house. And it is here that they meet the bizarre Mrs. Leeds (Irma St. Paule) who lives there with her equally unhinged children. Offering no assistance, she warns of a violent, unseen force lurking in the forbidding countryside. Soon, the family will encounter a supernatural evil older than the woods themselves.

This visually dazzling chiller stars Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Ellen Sandweiss (The Evil Dead), Edwin Neal (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Ron Millkie (Friday the 13th), Enter, if you dare…SATAN’S PLAYGROUND…a place where deadly myth becomes gruesome reality.

Source: Official Website