First Ever ‘Land of the Dead’ Zombie Image/Logo Online!

Inside you’ll find the best pictures yet from George Romero’s Land of the Dead, his fourth zombie flick. The pictures are awesome as we get to see some freaking zombies (finally), as well as George doing what he does best (no not kill and eat brains). In Romero’s new pic, the zombies having taken over the world and those left alive are confined to a walled-in city that keeps out the corpse corps. Anarchy rules the streets, with the wealthy insulated and living in fortified skyscrapers. Drama revolves around a group of scavengers who must thwart an attempt to overthrow the city while the dead are evolving from brainless slow-moving creatures into more advanced creatures.

Images courtesy of Movies Online. Click the images for tons more or click here for our gallery. Talk zombie here now.

Yummy brains mmmmmmmmm…

It’s the logo!

Source: Movies Online, Scott T. rocks!