Jigsaw is Back, But Where’s Everyone Else?

With Lions Gate Film’s Saw blasting in more than $50 million at the US box office, news spread quick of the sequel, now titled Saw 2: Hacksaw. But everyone’s asking the question, will James Wan and Leigh Whannell be returning? And did we see the end of the Jigsaw Killer? Read on for a few more details…The Age writes:

“Wan, who directed Saw, and Whannel, the film’s screenwriter and one of the lead actors, have said they will likely only be attached to the sequel as executive producers because they want to move on to new projects.

The script for Saw 2 is still to be completed, but Hoffman said it will be based largely on an unrelated horror script Evolution bought from another script writer. The central character in the original Saw, a sadistic killer called Jigsaw, will be written into the script.

“Right now we’re just working on the script,” he said.

“The boys are attached as executive producers and we’ll deal with that in the next few weeks in terms of their involvement and who is going to be directing.

“We quickly realised it (the new script) was a natural to become a sequel.

“Some (characters) are coming back, some aren’t. It’s mostly brand new characters, but there’s a couple of people coming back.

“Obviously Jigsaw is. Beyond that you will have to just wait and see.”

Source: The Age