Rant Time! Mr. D’s Face Goes Red with Anger

Ok, I’m starting a rant and I can’t help it- some of this sh– is ridiculous. Two big theatrical horror films have been getting the shaft- one already released and the other hitting theaters today. What exactly am I talking about? What do you think? The f—ing MPAA and the studios who are little money grubbing wankers who follow them (since when did they start making out with each other?). Read on for the news and be prepared to boycott…Talk about this post here.

So why am I so pissed? Well let me start off with Dimension Films’ Darkness, which hits theaters today. If you read our review of the film, you think you’re in for a treat- Brian Juergens loved it. Well guess what kiddies, the release for the film has been cut down from its “R” rating to a “PG-13.” Usually this isn’t too big of a deal, but when you find out that they’ve deleted scenes that include BLEEDING WALLS how could you not be pissed?! Dimension is the same crap arse sh-t studio who wants to cut down Wes Craven’s werewolf movie Cursed– and Craven himself says the movie will suffer because of this! But do they listen? No! Why? Because even though B-D and other sites warn you, even though you KNOW it’s going to suck- you all still go to the theater and check it out! Why? Because horror fans are f—ing loyal, that’s why! I’m so sick of studios taking advantage of us and catering to the younger crowd to make an extra buck.

So what prompted this quick blast of rage? The news I just read over at Fangoria! Apparently when Takashi Shimuzu’s remake of The Grudge hits theaters in Japan, it will contain “gorier moments that would have caused the film to get an R in the U.S.”

It’s not only that they are getting a rated “R” cut- it’s the fact that Sony Home Entertainment is releasing the DVD on February 1st in the “PG-13” cut form. Why you ask? Have you heard the term double dip? You guessed it, then they can re-release the DVD when ‘The Grudge 2’ comes out in uncut special two disc edition form. Only then- after you’ve spent nearly $50 on the film (2 DVDs and a movie ticket), which is sh-t anyways if you ask me, will you see the version it should be.

Money grubbing whores suck. So does the fact that we’re so loyal- it’s the nice guys that finish last, isn’t that what they say?

Hopefully enough of you will stand up and say “F—K them’!” and leave with your back turned. It’s sick how the studios are using the ratings system to make even more money. This situation reminds me of the day Metallica turned their back on metal in order to make a few extra bucks. What’s this world coming too…

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Source: Bloody-Disgusting