‘Jeepers Creepers 3′ Shooting This Summer?

I really don’t have anything against Victor Salva (even with his shallow past) but I think he needs a break from his ‘Jeepers Creepers’ franchise. I think someone fresh needs to direct Jeepers Creepers 3, especially after the garbage that was two. Either way, I enjoy the creeper character and would enjoy seeing a third film, too bad we won’t be seeing the period piece once rumored. Read on for the latest on ‘JC3’…Horror View writes:

“Our own Don’t Feed the Dead spent the weekend trolling about the Chiller convention in Jersey this weekend, and bumped into ol’ pal Jonathan Breck of The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers fame. After a few beers and some arm twisting (DFTD can be very persuasive), Mr. Breck told him that Jeepers Creepers 3 will begin filming this summer with a possible 2006 release.

Mr. Breck also said that, although there is no script in place, the story has this film taking place twenty one years after the events of Jeepers Creepers 2, and also confirmed that Victor Salva will once again be in the director’s seat for this third outing.”

Source: Horrorview