Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You-Freddy vs Jason 2 Talks Are ON!

When it was reported here that New Line had put their two (three) big franchises on hold- I pretty much straight out called “Bulsh-t!” Not even a week later you can put a dagger in the coffin for that ridiculous rumor- because it’s time to start the new year out right- with talk of Freddy vs Jason 2! Read on for the BD exclusive…One man I love more than anything in the world of horror is Robert Englund. He’s always great to his fans, never hides anything and is always trying to improve his own projects.

Well tonight my friends and I were among the lucky few who got to see the Eli Roth produced horror flick 2001 Maniacs, which just so happens to star Mr. Freddy Krueger himself. So during the after party I had a chance to talk with him a bit.

Robert told me obviously now that the Ash idea is dead (thanks Raimi- poo on you!) there are a few ideas generating, and Robert is meeting this week with some development folks over at New Line to discuss his ideas for a sequel, whether they use them or not. Robert talks fast and throws a million things out quicker than you can digest, so I’ll try my best to translate what he said- but the idea may be off a little here or there:

He mentioned Michael Myers and ‘Halloween’- but he wasn’t hinting at anything, so don’t worry. He loves the idea of a strong teenager fighting against the evil along with a strong mother i.e. Laurie Strode in ‘Halloween’ and Laurie Strode in ‘H20.’ So from what I gathered he’d like to have a pair of strong female leads – or maybe even two pairs- pit up against the two big dead dogs. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the ‘Hack N’ Slash’ rumor floating around or if it’s just Robert’s wild imagination. Either way…

‘Freddy vs Jason 2’ is still going to happen- and you heard it here first. Just keep in mind that Robert is loaded with ideas, so this is just something he’d like New Line to work with- it does not mean this is the storyline they are working with. I just wanted to be clear.