Stuart Gordon’s Heads to the Underworld in ‘Edmond’

Stuart Gordon shocked us all with his gritty film King of the Ants, but has that film set him back in anyway? I don’t think so, Gordon continues to prove that he can make a good movie no matter what his budget is. Inside you’ll find details on his next flick entitled Edmond, which stars Julia Stiles…According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Dylan Walsh, William H. Macy and Julia Stiles are starring in “Edmond,” an adaptation of the David Mamet play being directed by Stuart Gordon.

First produced in 1982 at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and adapted for the screen by Mamet, “Edmond” centers on Edmond Burke (Macy), a successful businessman who walks out on his family on the advice of a fortune teller and plunges into the vortex of New York’s hellish underworld, where he is mugged and robbed before he kills a pimp and a would-be actress, finally ending up in prison.

Walsh plays the police interrogator, and Stiles plays unfortunate waitress Glenna.

Source: Hollywood Reporter