Update on Lucky McKee’s ‘The Woods’

I’m patiently waiting, Lucky McKee who blew us all away with his fantastic film May is still hard at work on bringing us his next feature film The Woods, which MGM will be releasing on September 2, 2005. Read on for the update from the film, which stars Patricia Clarkson, Agnes Bruckner, Bruce Campbell, Lauren Birkell, Jane Gilchrist, Emma Campbell and Gordon Currie. The psychological horror story begins when a young girl’s parents drop off their neglected daughter at a remote boarding school in the forest. When her classmates begin disappearing, she discovers the problem is related to a mysterious dwelling in the woods.LYT Rules writes:

With Jaye being very busy these days, and MGM mostly silent on the matter, I figured I might as well update you on what I know of the film’s status.

The film is pretty much done. Visual FX are complete, sound mix is either done or almost done. No, I haven’t seen the final version.

I had previously mentioned a release date of March — this isn’t likely to happen. Official word is September 2, but given that the flick is already completed, it could get bumped up and come out sooner.

The first poster for THE WOODS is almost ready to go, from what I understand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trailer within the next month or so.

And don’t forget I’m sitting on a shitload of spoileriffic set photos that I can’t show you until release day. I promise you’ll dig ’em.

Source: LYT Rules