O’Brian Joins Nightmare Flick Next to Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar, after starring in the mega-hit The Grudge, has come to the realization that horror rules and quickly joined the cast of Rogue Pictures’ Revolver. Now a few months later, we’ve got some more casting news on the flick, so hopefully it’ll begin shooting shortly…Moviehole writes:

“Australian actor Peter O’Brien has hit the big time. Well, bigger time.

O’Brien has won a lead role in “Revolver”, co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“Revolver” revolves around a successful saleswoman who suffers from vivid nightmares. Her dreams finally lead her to investigate a mysterious death that took place 25 years earlier.

Veteran actor Sam Shepard has also joined the cast.

O’Brien’s credits include TV’s “White Collar Blue”, “Neighbours”, “The Flying Doctors” and “Halifax F.P”. In the UK, he starred in the long-running cop series “The Bill”.

He is married to “Lord of the Rings” star Mirando Otto.”

Source: Moviehole