Michael Davis Puts a Cap in New Line’s Ass with ‘Shoot Em’ Up’

Although it’s not a horror, this news has me wetter than the Water Lube in San Dimas! One of my favorite directors, Michael Davis (interview), has signed a deal with New Line Cinema to direct his feature film Shoot Em’ Up. The film is said to become one of the coolest action gunfight movies ever assembled. Read on for the story…The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“New Line Cinema is picking up “Shoot ‘Em Up,” a hard-core action project from writer-director Michael Davis, with Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Rick Benattar producing through Angry Films. Davis comes from the low-budget, indie comedy world — Slamdance audience award winner “Eight Days a Week” and “100 Girls” are among his credits — and has done storyboards for such fare as “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” and “Tremors.” After writing “Shoot,” Davis drew on his storyboard skills to illustrate about 17,000 individual drawings that he then animated to show how he would direct the movie’s action. The animatic trailer so impressed New Line that it is not only buying the project but also signing Davis to a two-picture option.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter