‘Freddy vs Jason 2′ Dead….. BUT B-D’s Got More!!!!

So what’s better than the word “but”? You all know that it means I’ve got a card up my sleeve, “but” what is it? So our buddies over at Creature-Corner just talked to Toby Emmerich over at New Line who said once again they aren’t doing anything with Freddy vs Jason 2 right now. We just go back and forth, they say no, we say yes. But now I can squeeze a little of juice out, just enough to get you excited. If you actually read into my old news posts about Creature-Corner debunking FvJ 2, I imply that sure FvJ2 might not happen, but maybe something else will? If I told you the details right now, I’d have to kill you, but what I can say is New Line Cinema is working on something HUGE- MAMMOTH- EARTH-SHATTERING. Keep your eyes posted here, your best source for all things Freddy and Jason!