Craven’s Asian Horror Remake ‘Pulse’ is Back On!

If only Wes Craven showed us he can still make us a kick ass movie… All I know is that the original Japanese film Kairo was so friggin cool that I was pumped as hell for Wes Craven to remake it- too bad they put a lid on it and forced us to sit through Cursed. Well good news from the grape vine (I guess), Moviehole reports, “Craven toyed with the idea of doing Pulse two-three years ago, but its balloon was popped at the last minute when Miramax decided it was closer to a Xerox of The Ring than it was it’s own movie. Now, apparently the movie’s form has been tweaked a bit – and it’ll happen this May. It will film in Romania. The project is officially a-go with “Feast” lads Joel Soisson and Mike Leahy producing.” So it’s back on, I wonder what the end result will be since Craven seems to be trapped in the ’90s.

Source: Moviehole