Mr D. Survives ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ Attack!

Last night I was one of the lucky individuals invited to join Rob Zombie at Lions Gate’s HQ in California for a special screening of his next film The Devil’s Rejects (scooper review), the spin-off to his first feature film House of 1000 Corpses. Want to know what I thought of the movie that hits theaters July 22nd? Read on for my experience and some cool photos from the event…

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Lucky me! After the movie Lions Gate surprised us by having most of the cast hanging out in the back of the theater! We got a chance to talk to Bill Moseley (Otis), Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding), Ken Foree (Charlie Altamont), Leslie Easterbrook (Mother Firefly), Sheri Moon (Baby) and a few other surprises. It was great getting to see what they thought of the movie, but you don’t care do you? You just want to know if it’s any good!

Well I’m not allowed to write a review yet, so I’ll tease you with single words: Devil’s Rejects is gritty, fierce, unpredictable, violent, classic, immense, tasteless, bloody, hilarious and most of all disturbing. Does it par up with House of 1000 Corpses? It’s a different genre and a completely different movie. I really enjoyed it the first time, but it was so chaotic that I needed some time for it to sink in- now that it has I need to see it again because I have an inkling that just like House, it will be a unforgettable blast the second time around.

I really hate telling you regular readers stuff like this, because it fears me that you might think it will sway my final judgement. But to be completely honest- I didn’t really go to see the movie; I went for the little hot dogs they served in croissants. I ate like 50.

Don’t feel like taking my opinions seriously? Rest assured we’ll be covering the movie like mad and we’ll make sure we get tons of reviews up- positive and negative- so you can take what you will from them and then write your own reviews under ours.

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